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They are magnetic.Always seeking.Always reaching.Always finding each other

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25 April 1984
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I somehow became absolutely obsessed with slash. My first slash love was and will always be Luke and Reid (ATWT). After finding out how much I love them I got into watching OZ, Torchwood, and QAF. I had loved Glee from the moment it started but never really cared about the pairings until Blaine was introduced and then Klaine became my second biggest slash obsession. I have always loved Harry Potter as well but didn't really get into fics until recently and now have a third slash obsession...Drarry!

There are very few het pairings that I ship but some include couples from Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars, Roswell, Dawson's Creek, and True Blood (Eric and Sookie FTW).

I love to write and have done a few LuRe fics and one Klaine fic. I have been struggling with writer's block as of late and mostly do a lot of reading. I also like to do graphics and icons.

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